Authors are listed alphabetically by LAST NAME

Mia Asher

Rebecca Barry

Mohamad Bazzi

Stacey Brook

Nichole Chase

Annia Ciezadlo

Hannah Abigail Clarke

J.S. Cooper

Tess Diamond

Jessica Fechtor

Nora Flite

Bethany Hagen

Melanie Harlow

Callie Hart

Meg Haston

Ella James

S.L. Jennings

Melissa Kantor

K.L. Kreig

M. J. Kuhn

Marc Lepson

Quinn Loftis

Nana Malone

Melanie Marchande

Dr. Laura Markham

Spencer McBride

Tracie McMillan

Liv Morris

Dan Morrison

Fariba Nawa

Laurelin Paige

Richard Parks

Carrot Quinn

Lisa Sanchez

Ginger Scott

Aaron Shapiro

Sierra Simone

Emily Snow


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